The Next Bull Market Move Interview - John Anderson, Executive Chairman Triumph Gold


Hi John, Welcome back to The Next Bull Market Move. Some exciting news came out today for Triumph Gold so let’s get a quick catch up and go through some of the drill results. Highlights include hole RVD18-19 that is 316.00 metres of 1.10 grams per tonne gold and 0.27% cooper, how does this result compare to the previous drill results from a few weeks ago?


The results are consistent with the high grade porphyry confirmed. These results have similar gold and copper, but confirm the 3D dimension of what we previously announced. In fact, the gold grades and intersections are better than what we previously announced. 

It looks to me that what you have may be a continuation of the gold-rich mineralization within the blue sky Porphyry that your exploration results confirmed from 2016, 2017, and now earlier this year?

Absolutely. Last year we had a hint of this porphyry with 57 meters carrying similar grades. The announcement last month was a confirmation of the discovery holes over more than 125 meters of 1.24 g/t gold equivalent. These new holes are even larger, higher grade and add dimension to this discovery.


Do these new results suggest a much bigger resource in the making? A much bigger high grade porphyry system than has not been seen before in the Yukon?

We have researched many porphyries in the whole western cordilleran and know that these drill holes are the largest and richest ever drilled in a porphyry in the Yukon - ever!


Would you say that the grade could get even higher when at depth? Is this a possibility that might be confirmed when further results come back later in the year?

These holes are spectacular for porphyry mineralization and close to surface. The new models of these systems are that they get richer at depth and we are definitely exploring that concept.

One of your backers includes Goldcorp, so is this the kind of mineralization they are looking for when assessing projects within the Yukon?

Goldcorp is a spectacular partner. They are building a district sized project northwest of us and I know they are excited along with us. In fact just last month they increased their investment with us before we confirmed this years success.

And finally, what should investors look for next from Triumph gold?

We are only half way through the results of this years program and have so much more exciting exploration results beyond the Blue Sky porphyry. We have a district sized property with so much gold on it and know we have an elephant by the tail at Blue sky. We also have number of other tigers by the tail and really want to see how large this will get. We are so excited about what we find out every day.

Many thanks John.

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