The Next Bull Market Move Interview - Trader Paul Cruz

Hi Paul, welcome to The Next Bull Market Move. I'd like to start with you telling us a bit about your background and how you started trading?

Hi Kerem, thank you for having me on your show. My background is weird one, I’m actually a studio manager with a degree in visual art & design, so trading and investing the stock market was merely a means to an end. I’ve never liked freelancing like most graphic designers; I’ve always felt a drive to create my own products and start my own business and so, trading in the stock market was there for me to fund these business ideas.

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I initially saw some of your analysis via your twitter account and on your trading view account. A recent article you posted about Bitcoin (in early July) caught my attention. Can you give our readers your view on Bitcoin at the moment and also talk about that article?


I’ve been watching Bitcoin for a while now and my position has mostly been on the sidelines. My analysis here showed a possible bull case scenario based on a few indicators and a yearly chart pattern. The closeness of the 200ema, higher highs and lower lows on the RSI relative to the yearly chart and a possible H&S pattern formation showed that a bottom was imminent and primed for a bounce.

I have a quasi-negative long term view on Bitcoin, I just think the big banks will have their way. With that said, I think Bitcoin is a great opportunity for traders capitalising on short term volatility.

Before our interview you told me that you were no trading 'guru', just another trader with an opinion-which I thought was very perceptive as most investors/traders are always looking for someone to have all the answers all the time. So what is your process for forming an opinion on a particular market or stock? Do you look at technicals, sentiment, fundamentals, management-and how important are each of those parts?

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Being a guru to me, is having all the answers and being more akin to a teacher, I see myself as a student whose hungry for knowledge. My focus is on absorbing knowledge. For me to state an opinion on a chart, I think about trend direction, market sentiment, cycle of the business, daily price action on key levels of support or resistance, 3 monthly chart patterns and volume. 80% technical analysis and 20% fundamental analysis.

I do have indicators such as EMAs, force index, parabolic sar, bollinger bands, MACD and RSI purely to support the main technical analysis.

What other markets currently interest you at the moment?

To sum it up, I trade and invest in stocks that are disruptive e.g. electric vehicles/grid storage and Fintech companies.

What's the biggest lesson a market has taught you?

Letting trades come to you.

And finally, how can people reach out to you to view your work?

I have some start up ideas that I am super excited and passionate about which are currently in their development stages. Be on the lookout for Wanderwall and Glenstone - - expected to release Q3 2018. Otherwise, fellow investors and traders are welcome to view my trading ideas on:

Thank you for having me, Kerem. 

Many thanks Paul.
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