Trying to Find Real Companies in the Crypto Space.

Is the bull market in bitcoin over? Have we already gone through the final blow off top? Will this market actually create any real companies? Here are some of my thoughts.

Within bitcoin and cryptocurrency there is an argument to be made that we have gone through the bubble stage (pull up a chart over for the last ten years and then quickly build yourself a time machine), 


but at the same time I would argue that not enough people (the average retail investor or people who have never invested in anything before) have entered the market yet for the market to really have a final mania stage. And if that mania does come, I will expect to hear about every day people suddenly quitting their day jobs because they make more money day trading alt coins than at their normal jobs. 


I will expect to hear people betting on which year bitcoin will go to a million (it being a given that it ‘will’ go to that price no matter what) and that every alt coin is a ‘no brainer’ to invest in no matter if there is a white paper or not. Yes, we’ve had greed. And yes, there has been lots of media attention. But the one thing that has stopped many people entering the crypto space is the infrastructure of actually buying and selling. To put it simply, it’s a pain.

I think that this market probably has a few more years of speculation in it because the basic infrastructure of how to buy and keep your coins, and how turn your coins back into fiat will improve substantially. It is still slow and not liquid (and therefor keeping out the average person who would normally want to buy and sell instantly) and also the fear of your coins being stolen and your wallet being hacked makes people new to the market very cautious (a good example i’ve heard from people is that if Coinbase freezes when i’m taking out my gains, why would I want to risk my money and play in the first place?). 

But once the infrastructure gets better and easier (which it slowly is as more and more projects are being built to help you buy and store your coins safely) and once bitcoin begins to climb back to 15,000 plus, then the stage will be set. 

Or, it could all lead to nothing. Perhaps the market simply fades away and the technology disappears and we all wish we had heard about bitcoin 10 years ago. 

Either way, my own theory is that the coins that solve or disrupt real world problems, that makes things easier, cheaper and better for the end user will eventually win. Look for the Amazons in this space. Because most of these coins will not solve or do anything for the future, but a few will really use the blockchain technology to its advantage. It will be interesting to see what happens next in this space.

The Next Bull Market Move

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