The Next Bull Market Move Interview - Mark Jarvis, President, CEO and Director of Giga Metals

A few weeks ago I caught up with Mark Jarvis, CEO of Giga Metals, to get an update on his company and his recent thoughts on the Nickel market.


On The Next Bull Market Move we have Mark Jarvis, CEO of Giga Metals. How are you today, Mark?

I'm very good, thank you.

We were just chatting earlier about the nickel market and when we met back in May there was a bit of a buzz around nickel, but now it seems to have died off. What are your thoughts behind this, and what's the sentiment like from your perspective?

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Well, I think there's a lot of psychology surrounding it. Jim Lennon - the nickel analyst at Macquarie - came up with a very recent report and he thinks that the sell-off in nickel is overdone. It's based on worries about trade wars, worries about economic slowdowns and so-forth. 

But Jim still thinks we're in a structural deficit and that the deficit's going to continue for a number of years. So, he thinks the sell-off is overdone relative to the fundamentals.

Recently there was a news release giving details about a new board member joining your company - can you talk about that?

We’re very excited that Martin Vydra agreed to join our board. Martin was at Sherritt for 30 years and he was in charge of all sorts of technical aspects of different projects that Sherritt was doing around the world. But during one part of his tenure there, he also sold nickel and cobalt - intermediates and finished products - to end users.

So, he knows all the end users and he's already been in contact with some potential offtake partners for us. As a director, he's going to be quite active.  He’ll help us to figure out which offtake partners we should be working with, which will be a critical choice.

You've just finished a drilling program this year, correct?

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Right, we drilled 40 holes for a total of 10,800 meters and 36 of those 40 holes were in support of pre-feasibility.

So those 36 holes were infill drilling, both to lift some inferred resources to the indicated category and also to increase some indicated to measured resources within the starter pits, where we wanted to get more pixels to help evaluate whether we can mine more selectively and increase the grade we put through the mill in the early years of mine life. 

We also drilled four exploration holes and we expect results for all of our drilling by early January.

And what are the plans for 2019?


We plan to have a pre-feasibility study completed by the end of the year.

And for any new investors looking at your story, how would you describe your company?

Well, our market cap recently is about seven and a half million dollars Canadian. 

We own marketable securities worth about six million Canadian. So, if you want to buy cheap and then sell dear - that starts with buying cheap.  It’s also important in a difficult market for a company to be well funded.

Thank you very much Mark, and we'll speak again soon.

Very good. Thank you very much.

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